About Stellvana

Pure Fluke
I was first introduced to a boxer at the age of 14 - it was just a fluke really, as my parents had decided to move house, this meant I had to leave all my friends and a school I loved (and I was getting very good grades!) As you can imagine, at the time this was most upsetting for me but my mum hated the house and area we were living in.

The people who owned the house we were moving to, had a litter of boxer puppies. I hadn't seen the house or the puppies, but my dad had said he had always wanted a boxer and he would buy me the last remaining puppy in the litter - (leave mum to me, he said - ha ha!!)

Ugly Puppy!
Well as you can imagine, I was very happy and excited, being an only child this new puppy would cushion the blow of the move for me. A couple of weeks later the puppy was ready for collection at 6 weeks old, I went with my dad to collect her and see her for the first time! She was lovely, we were both thrilled and now home to meet mum! I walked into the kitchen with this adorable puppy and my mum said "Oh what an ugly puppy, but i will grow to love her I am sure". My mum did grow to love her very much, and thus 'Beckie' was a big part of our home.

Dad & Beckie My Father and Beckie at approx 10 weeks old / My Mum and me enjoying an ice-cream with Beckie

Mr George & Mrs Joyce Hill, Top Show Breeders of Cocker Spaniels based in Etwall, Derbyshire, kept saying to my mum - "Let this bitch have puppies it will do her good, they should have puppies!" So my Dad arranged to have Beckie mated. Being 16 years old then I wasn't interested in stud dogs (too busy going out on the town!). I do know she was mated to a proper stud dog and she had 7 beautiful puppies. This was her first and last litter. We all enjoyed the experience very much. Unfortunately when Becky died at 10 years old, my parents never thought to keep her pedigree and KC papers safe as I would love to look back now and see where she came from and unfortunately I can't ask my dad as he passed away 15 years ago - I do remember that her KC name was Rebecca of Oaklands

Beckie at approx 18 months old / Beckie with her puppies

Boxer or Terrier?
This is both mine and Arnie's second marriage and at the time we had 5 children between us aged from 9 to 15 years old. There was only one dog for me, and Arnie agreed it had to be a boxer! We made enquires and purchased a plain red puppy bitch from Ms Joan Cross, Dajoxx Boxers, a boxer breeder in Kent. We called her Purdy and she was adored from the start. A plain puppy with a black mask. I always remember saying to Arnie one day when she was eating her dinner "Is this a boxer we have bought or a terrier?" as her ears were flying and she looked long in nose, but she soon bloomed as the weeks went on. She was my best friend, followed me everywhere, even to the bathroom! I would talk to her while in the bath, and she seemed to understand me I am sure!

Purdy at approx 16 weeks old

At 6 months old tragedy reared its ugly head and we lost Purdy while out on Elvaston Castle where we would take her for a good walk and play. Unfortunately she darted off in the opposite direction we were walking and ran onto the iced over lake, by the time we had run and caught up and Arnie waded in the lake after her it was too late! An experience that was devastating and to this day it is still very painful to talk about. The house was just broken, and the coming weeks after were very hard.

When we felt the time was right we purchased another pet bitch from the Philabar Kennel in Derby. We called her Roxy and once again life with a boxer was so much brighter, and she was very much loved by the children. Roxy had puppies to Faerdorn Joker In The Pack and all I can say is WOW! What a producer she was, Sue Harvey of the well known Faerdorn Kennels, bought two from her second litter, at the time we just loved having puppies around the home and at this point were not into showing.

Roxy at approx 16 weeks and then at 5 years old - what a wonderful producer and Mother Roxy turned out to be for us here at Stellvana

Then in June 1998 we asked Sue if she had a good foundation possible show bitch for us, as we had decided we would like to get into the show ring! We went along and saw a couple of very nice plain bitches but Arnie wanted a flashy bitch and Sue showed us this flashy golden brindle puppy, she was 3 weeks old at the time and we both instantly fell in love with her.

Spread the word
Jill Cliffton of Jolegi Boxers had first pick of the two flashy bitches in the litter, they were sired by her Jolegi Fair Dinkum. One bitch was doubly pigmented and the bitch we liked was one and one. Sue kindly said if Jill chose the doubly pigmented puppy we could have her. The phone call came from Sue to say we could have the puppy and Hey Presto Faerdorn Spread The Word For Stellvana (Abbey) came to live with us and has undoubtedly been the start of our small but selective kennel.

Abbey at 6 months old

Abbey at 10 Years Old - May 2008

Abbey was a quality puppy in every sense of the word. She grew on into a lovely bitch and was unbeaten at all Open Shows attended, and gained many Best of Breeds. Abbey was always well placed at Breed Club Shows and Championship shows. Her construction was, and still is at nearly ten years old, lovely. A fantastic boxer temperament and a pleasure to own and campaign. A gentle lady who definitely proved herself in the whelping box. She had two litters with Ch Faerdorn Fineas Fogg, and what crackers they were. Out of her first litter two went into show homes and one eventually went to Global Boxers in America. Another Stellvana Lets Get It On went to the Macwatt Kennel to live with Sam and Mark. He produces to all blood lines and has been the start of their kennel. His two litter sisters we kept here, Stellvana Agent Starling (Grace) who most of you who show will remember. She was once again a gentle lady with lovely construction and adorable temperament, many Best of Breeds and Best in Shows, and always in the top 3 at all Championship shows attended. Her litter sister Stellvana Billie Jean (Katie) was also a beautiful bitch who gained a good 2nd at her first Championship show, and won well as a puppy. Two lovely dogs who brought us so much pleasure.

Unfortunately they are no longer with us, as they were taken from us far to soon. (God Bless You Both) xx

Abbey their mum was eventually put to Ch Sonshoby Swagman and we had another cracking litter, one bitch went to Katie at Global Boxers in America and her sister we kept. She was a soundly constructed bitch but family commitments at the time stopped us from showing her to her full potential and we mated her to the lovely Manic Spin Doctor. The puppies were so lovely we were delighted, and Julie Cook was very pleased with them, especially the one we kept Stellvana The Temptress, (Faith). Although at this stage only very lightly shown she won Best In Show at The Northern Boxer Club (January 1st 2008)! She qualified for Crufts 2008 at The British Boxer Club Championship Show in August 2007 and we aim to campaign her fully in 2008.

We were granted our affix Stellvana in 1996, our first choice was Morann Boxers as my Dad's name was Norman and I really wanted to have our affix in his memory, unfortunately this was refused due to an existing affix of Morrant, So we started jiggling around with the children's names, and eventually came up with Stellvana - we put the first name Stell (our daughter Estelle) and Vana (our other daughter Vanessa) and hence Stellvana was born.

We have had lots of help and encouragement and we wish to carry on breeding and showing sound happy healthy Boxers.

Please browse our web site and we hope you enjoy.