Stellvana Solitaire on holiday in North Wales with her lovely owners Jane and Malc

Here is Rocky Bam Boo, named by his 4 year old best-friend Ben
Ben has gone out with his Granddad and Rocky is waiting for his return

Archie waiting for his first ride in his owners Louise and Robs new soft top

Jack wanting to play with the stick - he will get it! 

Rufus owned by Kerry and Mills Judge enjoying the balloon on a summers day 

Meet Ben with his Best Pal Rocky

Archie relaxing watching the birds after a busy day having fun with his owners Louise and Rob

Mya sunbathing, she doesn't want to play just take up the bench!

Angus, a Stellvana bred boy celebrating his third birthday with his ball

This is Baby Fleur with her Best Friend Stellvana Rufus - both enjoying the sunshine with Mummy and Daddy Kerry and Mills - think she's having a baby chat with him?

This is what it is all about ......... enjoying life and telling his owners Rob & Louise its playtime!

Lennox & Grace relaxing after a busy morning - such a hard life!!!

Just a few snap shots for you to enjoy

Frankie and myself working on our 'Obedience Training'
Sit and Stay! Now Down and Stay!
(Left) Sit and Stay and (Right) Down and Stay
Good Boy Frankie 

Stellvana's newest Handler in the making!
(Left) Claudia, our grand-daughter aged five and a half with Samantha - watch out Boxer fraternity and
(Right) Claudia a little older (now six) having a cuddle with one of our 5 week old puppies 
Claudia & Samantha Claudia & one of our puppies

Charlie celebrating his 10th Birthday at the seaside 
He is owned and adored by Dawn and Mark and enjoys life to the full  
Charlie - you can't see me in here!! 

Rocky & Mya playing Peek-A-Boo in the Woods!! 

 Mya after a very hard day at Birmingham National CH Show May 2012

(Left) Diesel wanting to join in the water fun with his owners Caroline's grand-daughter Lucy
(Right) Tom (Age 8) and his sister Grace (Age 6) with their Grand Parents new Stellvana puppy 'Summer' who loves the flower bed!!
Diesel wants in the water 

Taking the Lhasa for a walk 

Do I look good in this?

Princess Freya - ready for Christmas

I want up there now!!!